Technology, well-thought and scalable technical architecture, reliable infrastructure and solid code are another ingredient, or as we call it - a pillar, of a successful product. There are numerous cases when fast, unthought, situative and unsustainable technical decisions made in the beginning or during the project threaten its ultimate success at later stages of its lifecycle. Sudden success with rapid increase in user base always challenges technical architecture of the product. Solid products must have strong technical base from day-1 to always be ready for new opportunities or risks.

There are many factors that affect our choice of frontend, backend, database and devops infrastructure. Depending on whether it is a little startup or solid enterprise and the specifics of each particular product, decisions on technology can vary greatly.

Each choice brings its advantages or disadvantages and our specialists are there to guide the client through this process.

Though MIIIND considers itself  a product company we never  underestimate the importance of this pillar - always treating it with equal care and priority as  our other two pillars - Product design and UX / UI design.

We have experience working with most of the latest technologies and frameworks for web and mobile development. We rarely get bug fix requests after we release projects. We understand the value of quality and always aim for the best.