In contrast with traditional development companies we do not sell bare code. The reason is our belief in high quality code being a given: any software company should be offering it by default and there is nothing special about it. We highly doubt there are any outsource companies on earth that don’t claim to to be writing competent code.

Years before our competitors, we realized that no matter if it is a personal website, corporate portfolio or a complex web / mobile solution, its ultimate success is defined by the right product strategy. Failing to address a significant market need as well as failing to make the product understandable and approachable is fatal for it’s ultimate success.

What makes MIIIND special is the fact that we do not create websites or apps we apply our systematic approach and toolkit, developed and proven through years of experience, to create products that will excite users every day, solve their issues and address their requirements while solving business goals set by our partners.

That is why we make a significant time and effort investment in the the early stages of the project to understand the nature of your business along with its business model & key processes driving it, the market your business is competing in and your customers. This helps us to put users in the center while keeping the solution and your business model competitive!

MIIIND understands that your business closes once you run out of cash or fail to shorten time to market. That is why we utilize lean practices to iteratively build the right thing as soon as possible while keeping the budget reasonable and spending it on the most important things for your ultimate success.

Our approach is proven by the reputation we have in the market, high referral rate and excellent client retention. Our client's positive feddback morivates us  to push forward the promotion of good product development culture and practices in the global market.